Alkon Product Range High performance release agents



We offer a range of Potassium Soap Concentrates, these products provide clear coatings with quick drying times to suit a wide range of rubber grades with a good balance between release and wetting efficiency.

  • Easily dispersed in water
  • Uniform coatings on rubber compounds
  • Superior release properties
  • Customised formulations available


Stephenson Alkon dispersions provide effective release and coatings for Rubber in an easy to dilute form. Our specialty dispersions excel at ‘wetting out’ the rubber and can provide high to low coating visibility without no compromise on release efficiency.

  • Ready-made dispersions
  • Excellent release on the treated compound
  • Superior Low and high visibility coatings
  • Customised complex dispersions


Our specialty Alkon powders create uniform coating across a wide range of technical grades of rubber. Providing excellent stability and quick dry times.

  • Easily dispersed in water
  • Uniform coatings on rubber compounds
  • Minimum foaming or sedimentation

What is an Anti-Tack?

Anti-tacks and or release agents perform a crucial role in the processing of uncured Rubber Polymers and rubber compounds

Slab Dips

Stephenson Alkon products are used as Release Agents, Anti-Tacks also known as Slab Dips. Our products are utilised in a range of applications such as Passenger Tires (PCR), Truck Tires (TBR), Earth Moving Tires, Off Road (OTR), Motorcycle, Aviation through to Rubber Hoses and other technical grades of rubber polymers such as EPDM.

A blend of experience in soap manufacture and creative chemistry gives Stephenson Alkon Solutions a unique position in the market and the ability to respond rapidly to market trends and customer demands.

Perfect Release Agent

Anti-tacks and or release agents perform a crucial role in the processing of uncured Rubber Polymers and rubber compounds. The release agents are added during the processing to prevent adhesion during storage and improve performance and production yields during manufacture


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About the Stephenson Group

Stephenson Group have been developing creative solutions since 1856.

We're still a family business, now fifth generation and we're still devoted to developing high quality technical products for a range of industrial applications. It is our commitment to top grade materials that's helped us stay successful all these years.

With a state of the art facility in Leeds, UK Stephenson Group can meet global customer demand. Our production capabilities have been strengthened over the past few years to enable Stephenson Group to grow and develop alongside some of the leading global tyre and polymer manufacturers.

With a manufacturing facility in the UK, Stephenson Alkon Solutions also benefits from warehousing in North America, Europe and China assisting prompt delivery to customers in more than 50 countries.

With our advanced laboratories we continue to offer our partners a full support program, with a research and development focusing on new technology, industrial chemical processes and innovation within the Polymer and Rubber industry.

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